Plan Your Orchard Visit

Bring the Family

We hope you bring the whole family! Our fields are mostly grass and dirt and should be accessible for most strollers and wheel chairs.  Maximum 5 people/family/tree. Note that we can only guarantee one ladder, lug and harness for each group.

We are located at 3403 Beam Road in Creston, BC. Head down the driveway past the house to the orchard where there will be designated parking. 

What We Provide

Each group will be provided a picking lug with straps, one ladder, and boxes to put the cherries in! 

When picking we ask that you come prepared for some hot weather! Bring hats, sunscreen and lots of water the day you are picking.

We will have wash stations and a porta potty on site.

Orchard Tips

Please use caution when using the ladders. Always maintain three points of contact and ensure the ladder is secure and level on the ground prior to climbing. If you are unable to reach fruit safely we are here to assist you! We ask that children do not use the ladders for safety reasons.

Please bring coolers for your freshly picked cherries. Picking cherries with the stems on, cooling right away, and only washing them when you plan on eating them will help extend the shelf life of your fruit. 

We're Always Ready to Help!