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Why would I rent a cherry tree?

Renting a tree is a great option for a family outing or unique gift and you will never get fresher fruit than right off the tree. We love walking through the orchard and picking the cherries ourselves and think you will too. You can enjoy eating, baking, sharing, juicing, smoothies, canning, jamming and freezing long after your fruit is picked!

When can I come pick my tree?

Harvest traditionally starts during the last week of July. Picking a tree will take around 2 hours. Best to start picking anywhere between 8am and 11am and before it gets too hot out!

Where are you located?

We are located at 3403 Beam Road in Creston, BC. Please see Plan Your Visit for more details.
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Can I resell the cherries?

Unfortunately, no. Our shipping contract does not allow us to sell cherries to anyone wishing to resell them. (Eg. Anyone wanting to sell the cherries at a farmers market, fruit stand, etc.)

What if I don't want a whole tree worth of cherries (50 lbs)?

For those not wanting to rent a whole tree we also offer to pick 20lbs for you. You make the order, we pick it for you fresh on the day of pick up.

Can I Rent a Tree Now?

You certainly can! Contact us directly to order your tree.
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