The Orchard

Locally produced, farm-fresh cherries in creston, bc

Welcome to Blue Canoe Orchards.

Located in beautiful Creston B.C our cherry orchard has over 800 mature Lapin cherries trees on three acres and overlooks surrounding orchards and mountain ranges. 

2021 was our first harvest! We fell in love with the idea of growing fruit with our family and living in such a beautiful place. That’s when we decided to sell and donate cherries by the tree! We wanted families and the entire community to be a part of the harvest and enjoy fruit at its highest quality, straight off the tree. 

When we started learning more about orchard operations there were a couple of things that really stood out to us. The first being that most cherries in the area get shipped and sold overseas. We couldn’t believe the amazing fruit that was being grown right here in our backyard and that we had never seen cherries like this before!  Second, we were shocked at how much fruit seemed to go to waste as some of it would get culled when it wasn’t the right size to be sent overseas or there were some small imperfections in it. Both of these areas seemed like good opportunities to us.  We are excited to focus on local sales direct from the farm and partner with local food banks to ensure that everyone has the chance to enjoy these amazing cherries!

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Trent & Emily

Phone (250) 946-6145
Address Creston, BC

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